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Huon Pine Timber exhibition grade
Photograph by Rick Eaves

Huon pine 'in the flesh'

Strahan Tasmania

Strahan is the most popular place for visitors to experience the ancient Huon pines accessible in the Franklin Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, which is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Two cruise companies operate daily journeys to the wonderful rainforests of the lower Gordon River (complete with a 30 minute walk into the forest). Many Huon pines can be seen growing on the banks of the King River from the West Coast Wilderness Railway, helicopter and jet boat tours provide rare access to the spectacular Huon pine forest at Teepookana, and sea plane flights include a visit to the Huon pines surrounding Sir John Falls. Adventurers with more time and energy can have a deeper experience via the Gordon River Paddle or the Piners and Miners journey.
Returning to Strahan, visitors can explore all aspects of the Huon pine timber industry: the historic Morrisons Huon Pine Sawmill on the waterfront conducts a daily demonstration; the Tasmanian Special Timbers shop - at the 'car park end' of the building - provides a mind-boggling display of this gorgeous, golden timber 'in the raw'; and then walk next door to watch master craftsmen at Wilderness Woodworks turning this raw timber into a range of beautiful items.

There is a range of ways to view Huon pines when based in Strahan:

Gordan River cruises

Two cruise companies both run excellent tours to the rainforests of the lower Gordon River, with a stopover to wander in the forest and visit a 2,000 year-old Huon pine tree, and another at Sarah Island where guests will hear inspiring stories of the convicts' Huon pine boat building activities.

West Coast Yacht Charters

West Coast Yacht Charters takes passengers on an overnight cruise to Sir John Falls, near the Gordon Riverís junction with the Franklin River. Huon pines line the river for the whole journey.

To see Huon pine 'in the flesh' you need to travel to western Tasmania.

Check out Strahan via the live and interactive web-cam - Strahan Holidays

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