Huon Pine Timber - visit Strahan West Coast Western Tasmania    
Huon Pine Timber
Photograph by Rick Eaves

Huon pine 'in the flesh'

Queenstown Tasmania

The historic town of Queenstown provides a great base for exploring the western mountains. Tours - both underground and surface - of the Mt Lyell Mine, trips on the West Coast Wilderness Railway, and 4WD tours offer scenery, information on the amazing human history of the area, and access to Huon pines of varying ages growing in the surrounding rainforests.

Where to see Huon pine growing

There are Huon pines growing on the banks of the Queen and King Rivers south of Queenstown, accessible via the road which heads through the locality of Lynchford and over Mt Jukes.
The viewing platform at Newall Creek provides information on and examples of the major rainforest trees. Make sure you continue across the river and up the slopes of Mt Jukes to experience two of the best lookouts in Tasmania.

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To see Huon pine 'in the flesh' you need to travel to western Tasmania.

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