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Huon Pine Timber Tasmania

Huon pine 'in the flesh'

Mt Read & Rosebery

Mt Read looms above the mining village of Rosebery, and on the southern side of the mountain is the Lake Johnston Nature Reserve.
It was established to preserve a community of native plants, the most famous of which is a sprawling Huon pine tree. It has been the subject of numerous scientific investigations, and has been proven to have been growing on that spot for 10,500 years.
While the oldest individual growing trunk has been dated to 1,600 years, it is clear that this male tree has been cloning itself in its solitary eyrie atop the mountain, and has been there since the last Ice Age.
Access is carefully controlled and very limited numbers are permitted to visit each year with licensed operator, Hay's Bus Tours.

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Hay's Adventure tours

Near Rosebery, Hay's Adventure tours takes very limited numbers of people to view the extraordinary '10,000 year old Huon pine tree' which grows at the top of Mt Read.

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To see Huon pine 'in the flesh' you need to travel to western Tasmania.

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