Huon Pine Timber Corinna West Coast Western Tasmania    
Huon Pine Timber
Photograph by Rick Eaves

Huon pine 'in the flesh'

Corinna Tasmania

If travelling down the Western Explorer road make sure you spend some time at the lovely little village of Corinna.
The Huon Pine Walk along the banks of the Pieman River allows easy access to some lovely specimens, and a cruise along the river on the Huon pine boat Arcadia will reveal many more.
Better still, get in a kayak and enjoy the experience of paddling the tea coloured waters, with Huon pine foliage delicately kissing the river beside you.

Where to see Huon pine growing

Huon Pine Walk along the Pieman River at Corinna

In the northern part of the tree's range there is a 20 minute Huon Pine Walk along the Pieman River at Corinna. A cruise aboard the Huon pine vessel Arcadia, kayaking on the river, or 4WD tours further afield will also provide access to the lovely trees on this river.

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To see Huon pine 'in the flesh' you need to travel to western Tasmania.

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